July 15, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Tommy Zahn Paddle Race

Tom Zahn Paddle Race 2013Results from this past weekend’s Tom Zahn Paddle Race in California.

As fate would have it, another Tom took out the victory, with Thomas Maximus first over the line in a time of 1 hour 27 minutes. The big guy was four minutes clear of second placed Chance Fielder (who took 1st in the 14′ class), while Sandy Hill won the women’s.

The wind picked up throughout the day making for some fun downwind bumps, with the 9.7 mile race finishing in Malibu under sunny skies. From all reports the boys from Poseidon SUP put on a great event, so pencil it in for next year…

Full results below.

2013 Tom Zahn Paddle Race RESULTS

OverallNameTimeM/FRaceBoard Class
1Thomas Maximus1:27MSUPUnlimited
2Chance Fielder1:31MSUP14'
3George Plesek1:32MProneUnlimited
4Roch Frey1:32MProneUnlimited
5Chuck Glenn1:33MSUP14'
6Thomas Gallagher1:34MSUPUnlimited
7Peter DeAvila1:37MSUP14'
8Ryan Murphy1:37MSUP14'
9Brendan Light1:38MSUP14'
10Brad Rambo1:40MSUP14'
11Griffin Ross1:42MSUP12'6"
12Greg Welch1:47MSUP14'
13Blake Hubbell1:51MProne12'
14Kevin Dalit1:51MProne12'
15Jo Ambrosi1:52MProne12'
16Ian Light1:55MSUP12'6"
17Chris Curl1:58MSUP14'
18Chris Forsbes2:00MSUP12'6"
19Robert Thurmond2:03MProne12'
20Shaun Tierney2:05MSUP14'
21Rabbi Shifren2:10MProne12'
22Mauricio Leon De La Barra2:11MProne12'
23Matt Chebatoris2:13MSUP12'6"
24Sandy Hill2:21FSUP14'
25Bill Kalmenson2:22MProneUnlimited
26Brennan Gerster2:22MProne14'
27AJ Brostowicz2:23MSUP12'6"
28Frank Perna2:23MSUP14'
29William Uniack2:25MProne12'
30Jessie Graff2:45MSUP12'6
31George Toberman2:49MProneUnlimited
32Mimi Toberman2:49FProneUnlimited
33Craig Kuylandall2:59MProne
34Allan Kurtz2:59MSUP14'
35Amir Goldfiner3:00MSUP14'
36Melanie Goldfiner3:02FSUP14'
37Jamie Kurtz3:03FSUP14'
38Christian Shubin3:03MSUP12'6