August 11, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[UPDATED RESULTS] Tahiti’s Georges Cronsteadt Dominates Tahoe Nalu

Tahoe Nalu ResultsWe’ve just wrapped up the second and final day of the Ta-Hoe Nalu SUP Festival here in beautiful Lake Tahoe, California. Among epic scenery and hundreds of paddlers, it was Georges Cronsteadt from Tahiti who stood out, taking out both the Distance and Elite Races.

Meanwhile the women’s prizes were split between the impressive Canadian Lina Augaitis (Distance Race winner) and the always strong Morgan Hoesterey (Elite Race winner).

Yesterday saw the 10 mile Distance Race while today it was the Elite Race and overall it was a fun weekend. However there were a few issues with the event organisation, including a messy one with the prize money, but that will come out in the days to come. For now let’s look at how the results went down…

>>> PHOTOS: Click here for some great race pics thanks to Crown Paddle Grips

DAY 2 UPDATE: Sunday saw the Elite Race and the battle for the $10,000* prize purse which used Jamie Mitchell’s “Survivor Race” format). It was a fun, tough race. We were hurting by the end of it. Altitude hurts. And this Lake is at 6,200 feet…

Tahoe Nalu

The Survivor Race… (photo © Crown Paddle Grips)

Jake Jensen was on fire early, taking out three of the first four rounds, but Georges Cronsteadt was like a raging bull in the final, setting an early lead and holding it right around the 500 meter course to secure first place for Team SIC. Local boy Jay Wild was impressive as well, getting past one of the race favourites in Chase Kosterlitz to finish top 3.

Meanwhile in the women’s race it was Morgan Hoesterey all the way. The Oahu girl dominated all of the rounds and held a massive lead in the final, however she was pushed right to the line by a charging Lina Augaitis. The Canadian, who won yesterday’s Distance Race, came within a board length of Morgan at the final buoy, but couldn’t quite catch up. If the race was another 100 meters there might have been a different winner.

You can check out the top finishers below, then check back soon for full results plus photos and videos of the action from Lake Tahoe.

Tahoe Nalu Elite Race RESULTS

Men’s race started with 18 guys and consisted of five rounds, with the last two finishers being knocked out in the first four rounds. The fifth and final round was the final…

Tahoe Nalu winnersMen’s Final Round:
1st: Georges Cronsteadt
2nd: Jake Jensen
3rd: Jay Wild
4th: Chase Kosterlitz
5th: Mike Tavares
6th: Chance Fielder
7th: Colin McPhillips
8th: Jeramie Vaine
9th: Jimmy Spithill
10th: Christopher Parker

Women’s Final Round:
1st: Morgan Hoesterey
2nd: Lina Augaitis
3rd: Gillian Gibree
4th: Gail Vento
5th: Jen Lee

Tahoe Nalu

Women’s Survivor Race (photo © Crown Paddle Grips)


DAY 1 UPDATE: Saturday was the 10 mile Distance Race and jt was an awesome day on the lake. Perfect weather and one of the most scenic paddling courses made for a super fun Distance Race.

We started at Kings Beach, took a left-hand turn at the first buoy, which was about 100 metres out, then continued along the coast. We rounded the headland, crossed the border from California into Nevada, then continued around Crystal Bay to Incline Village, hugging the coast the whole way.

After we rounded the halfway marker it was a straight grind all the way back to the finish. Draft trains were everywhere, paddlers were dropping off and catching back up and everyone was getting distracted by the amazing surrounds.

In the battle of the 14 footers, Tahitian Georges Cronsteadt, paddling for the SIC team these days, led out a pack that included the Fanatic boys Chase Kosterlitz and Jake Jensen, while Riviera’s Thomas Maximus was way out in front on his Unlimited.

Tahoe Nalu

The Brackett Boys on their “trandem” board (photo © Crown Paddle Grips)

Georges Cronsteadt

Georges Cronsteadt during the Distance Race (photo © Crown Paddle Grips)

Tahoe Nalu

Fanatic team mates Jake Jensen and Chase Kosterlitz battled for 2nd (photo © Crown Paddle Grips)

Meanwhile in the women’s race it was Canadian Lina Augaitis all the way, with the Starboard paddler finishing four minutes clear of Jen Lee, while Morgan Hoesterey was third.

Speaking of Starboard, big thanks to the guys from Starboard USA for hooking me up with a board at the last minute. I paddled the 14′ x 24″ Sprint (next year’s model!). It was a fairly tippy, as you can imagine the first time you hop on a 24-inch-wide board, but super fast. I don’t know exactly how it stacks up to other boards in terms of pure speed, however it seemed really efficient, so it must have a pretty good speed vs. effort ratio. Because let’s face it, there’s no way I should have gotten 4th place, so the board must have been doing something right…

Scroll down for the results.

Oh and here’s how it all looked on the GPS…

Tahoe Nalu
Ta-Hoe Nalu Stand Up Paddle Race
Tahoe Nalu


Tahoe Nalu SUP Festival


Course: 9 miles
Conditions: Epic
Scenery: Awesome
Click “M/F” to switch between Men’s and Women’s Results
Click “Class” to show the results from different board classes
Click “Time” to reset the results…

Overall #M/FM/F #NameTimeClassClass #
1M1Thomas Maximus1:26:39Unlim1
2M2TANDEM Erickson1:27:23Unlim2
3M3TRANDEM Brackett1:28:00Unlim3
4M4Georges Cronsteadt1:28:0914'1
5M5Brian Stockdale1:29:56Unlim4
6M6Rand Carter1:31:11Unlim5
7M7Chase Kosterlitz1:31:1314'2
8M8Jake Jensen1:31:2314'3
9M9Darian Hildreth1:32:31Unlim6
10M10Christopher Parker1:34:1214'4
11M11Eric Starnes1:34:1414'5
12M12Chance Fielder1:34:2114'6
13M13Brendan Light1:34:4914'7
14M14Austin Young1:35:4814'8
15M15Belar Diaz1:36:2514'9
16M16Jeramie Vaine1:36:3314'10
17M17Mike Gabor1:36:3814'11
18M18Seth Springer1:37:1514'12
19M19Michael Tavares1:37:2014'13
20M20John Becker1:37:2614'14
21M21Brad Seyffer1:37:3714'15
22M22Evan Derdowski1:39:0114'16
23M23Bojan Bernard1:39:0314'17
24F1Lina Augaitis1:39:04F12'6"1
25M24David Meyler1:40:0214'18
26M25Joel Comer1:40:2914'19
27M26Michael Valenzuela1:41:09Unlim7
28M27John Alexiou1:41:3014'20
29M28Dax Willard1:41:3114'21
30M29Trent Hickman1:42:1614'22
31M30Rob Graham1:42:2514'23
32M31Larry Ferguson1:42:29Unlim8
33M32Steve Arkell1:42:3214'24
34M33Luca Genasci1:42:5512'6"1
35M34Mike Irete1:42:5814'25
36F2Jennifer Lee1:43:26F12'6"2
37M35John Merryfield1:43:3014'26
38M36Doug Furano1:44:0712'6"2
39F3Morgan Hoesterey1:44:35F12'6"3
40M37John Allen1:44:4014'27
41M38Kenny Puckett1:44:4414'28
42M39Fred Andersen1:44:4714'29
43M40Jeff Pearson1:44:5914'30
44M41Brook Staples1:45:3014'31
45M42Mike Bond1:45:4114'32
46M43Scott Estrada1:46:2714'33
47M44Joseph Mosquera1:46:2814'34
48M45Dalton Arkell1:46:3614'35
49M46Jay Gomez1:46:4312'6"3
50M47Mike Day1:47:1914'36
51M48Geoffrey James1:48:0714'37
52M49Mark Maguire1:48:1714'38
53M50Kevin Scott1:48:3514'39
54F4Jennifer L Fuller1:48:43F12'6"4
55M51Joseph Fellner1:49:0314'40
56F5Gail Vento1:49:07F12'6"5
57F6Kimberly Gomez1:49:12F12'6"6
58M52John Walsh1:49:1712'6"4
59M53Ian Light1:49:2212'6"5
60M54Richard Slye1:49:2514'41
61M55Ryan Delariva1:49:3214'42
62M56Ciro Mancuso1:49:3314'43
63M57Daniel Buchanan1:49:3914'44
64M58John Albrecht1:49:4014'45
65M59Matt Lund1:49:4414'46
66M60Brady Flaherty1:50:0314'47
67M61Rob MacIas1:50:1314'48
68M62Zane Asselin1:50:2412'6"6
69M63Pablo Bori1:50:4612'6"7
70M64Tai Boutell1:50:5114'49
71M65Kyle Wade1:50:5714'50
72M66Tom Sykes1:51:0312'6"8
73M67Doug Stoup1:51:5114'51
74M68Stephen Pugh1:51:5314'52
75M69Wayne Prouty Jr1:52:0214'53
76M70Phillipe Asselin1:52:0614'54
77M71John Thomaselli1:52:1212'6"9
78M72Travis Wade1:52:3514'55
79M73Kevin Murnane1:52:4014'56
80M74Doug Penny1:53:0012'6"10
81M75Leo Robinton1:53:0314'57
82M76Joe Quinn1:53:3014'58
83M77Andrew McGinnis1:53:4014'59
84M78Nate Ludwig1:53:5812'6"11
85M79Jim Granger1:54:4414'60
86F7Kristine Hamrick1:54:51F14'1
87F8Amy Staples1:54:52F14'2
88M80Steven Rawiszer1:54:54Unlim9
89M81Buck Quaglia1:55:2114'61
90M82Jase Roessler1:55:31Unlim10
91M83Paul Hasselquist1:55:4012'6"12
92M84Nick Vivar1:55:4214'62
93M85David Swidan1:55:5114'63
94M86Gary Wimberly1:56:0912'6"13
95M87Summit Moulton1:56:2512'6"14
96M88Tony Schopp1:56:4414'64
97F9Kali'a Alexiou1:57:00F14'3
98F10Wendy Ackermann1:57:04F12'6"7
99M89Bill Bloodgood1:57:0612'6"15
100M90Kip Roseman1:57:1712'6"16
101M91Peter Phelan1:57:5012'6"17
102M92Michael Melville1:58:0112'6"18
103M93Johnathan Boyd1:59:2214'65
104M94Rod De La Rosa2:00:0114'66
105M95W. Joe Woodman2:00:0414'67
106M96Matt MacArewich2:00:0914'68
107F11Debbie Fajans2:00:29F12'6"8
108M97Andrew Lanes2:00:3412'6"19
110M99Sasha Unruh2:00:3712'6"20
109M98Lincoln West2:00:3714'69
111M100Thomas Leith2:00:4714'70
112M101Steven Becker2:01:0314'71
113M102Bill Schmidt2:01:0414'72
114M103Trevor MacArewich2:01:2914'73
115M104Dante Boutell2:01:3814'74
116F12Maya Sprinsock2:03:04F12'6"9
117M105James Claussen2:03:3512'6"21
118F13Monica Arche2:03:56F12'6"10
119M106Greg Felsh2:04:3412'6"22
120M107Ed Caballero2:04:3412'6"23
121M108Mike Lefrancois2:04:5914'75
122M109Bill Owens2:05:1114'76
123M110Gary Leong2:05:1212'6"24
124M111Levi Largent2:05:2012'6"25
125M112Ben Smith2:05:2012'6"26
126M113Kurt Roessler2:05:4914'77
127M114Jake Hickman2:06:4614'78
128F14Julie Stevens2:07:06F12'6"11
129M115Markus Lang2:07:1412'6"27
130M116Nick Poulsen2:08:3412'6"28
131F15Tandem Mello2:09:05F12'6"12
132M117Bryan Robinson2:10:4412'6"29
133F16Helen Taylor2:10:54F14'4
134M118Connor Hollingsworth2:10:5912'6"30
135F17Nancie Schoener2:11:01F12'6"13
136M119Steve Hunt2:11:3712'6"31
137M120Paul Aro2:12:2112'6"32
138F18Shiela Hickman2:12:30F12'6"14
139F19Kimmie Field2:13:35F12'6"15
140M121Andrew Meinnert2:14:5114'79
141F20Jenna Granger2:15:17F12'6"16
142M122Jason Book2:19:3514'80
143F21Lauren Robinson2:20:24F12'6"17
144M123Kirk Theis2:23:0314'81
145M124Tm Rote2:25:4912'6"33
146F22Barbara Rote2:25:51F12'6"18
147M125Dainel Lahl2:32:0012'6"34
148M126Bob Glynn2:33:3614'82
149F23Leslie Clohan2:34:1212'6"35
150M127Rod Clohan2:34:2512'6"36
151M128Keith Brown2:50:1912'6"37

4 Mile Race results coming soon…


* Turns out it wasn’t $10,000… bit of an issue at the end of the day and quite a few of the elite paddlers left the beach disgruntled. Hopefully it’ll be resolved asap, but if not I’m sure you’ll hear all about it in a day or two…

UPDATE: Organisers agreed to pay out the original prize money 48 hours after the event, thanks largely to the work of the WPA and its head honcho Byron Kurt