August 18, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Kai Lenny, Annabel Anderson Win The SUP World Cup In Hamburg (FINAL RESULTS)

Camp David SUP World Cup in Hamburg
Kai Lenny and Annabel Anderson have taken out the Camp David SUP World Cup in Hamburg, Germany, defeating a solid international field to claim stop #5 of the 2013 Stand Up World Series. It was a clean sweep for both Kai and Annabel, as the stars took out Saturday’s Sprints and Sunday’s Distance Race by clear margins. The battle for second was tight however, with Casper Steinfath, Beau O’Brian and Leonard Nika tied after the two races, while Angie Jackson just managed to take second place from young gun Manca Notar.

Full results are in so check out how it all went down in Germany below. Also take a look at Bart De Zwart’s excellent recap of Day Two @ The Hamburg SUP World Cup (as well as his great Day One Recap, in case you missed it yesterday).

Casper Steinfath SUP World Cup

Hamburg Stand Up Paddle world cup

Hamburg SUP World Cup 2013 Germany

Hamburg SUP World Cup

Kai Lenny Hamburg SUP World Cup

Robbie Naish Kai Lenny

Hamburg SUP World Cup Germany


2013 Camp David SUP World Cup RESULTS

OverallNameSprintsDistanceCombined PointsCountry
1Kai Lenny0.70.71.4Hawaii
2Casper Steinfath336Denmark
2Leonard Nika246Italy
2Beau O'Brian426Australia
5Gaeten Sene6511France
6Eric Terrien8614France
6Paul Jackson7714Australia
6Dylan Frick5914South Africa
9Peter Bartl9817Austria
10Bart de Swart101020Netherlands
11Fabrizio Gasbarro131124Italy
11Peter Weidert111324Germany
13Branislav Sramek131225Czech Republic
14Carsten Kurmis121527Germany
14Magnus Lindstedt131427Sweden
16Fristchjof Sach131629Germany
17Kai Nicolas Steimer131730Germany
18Brian Talma132033Barbados
19Guido Meier132134Germany
20Rok Puvar132538Germany
21Pascal Pouget211839France
22Christian Hahn212243Germany
23Thomas Wendt251944Germany
24John-Patrick Villwock212546Germany
24Matthias Neumann212546Germany
OverallNameSprintsDistanceCombined PointsCountry
1Annabel Anderson0.70.71.4New Zealand
2Angela Jackson336Australia
3Manca Notar257Slovenia
4Celine Guesdon448France
5Melanie Brandstatter5611Austria
6Sonja Honschied10212Germany
6Olivia Piana5712Olivia Piana
8Susanne Lier5813Switzerland
9Noelani Sach5914Germany
10Petra Offermans91019Germany