April 27, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Connor Baxter Defeats Kai Lenny To Claim Ubatuba Grand Slam (Stand Up World Series Brazil)

Stand Up World Series Brazil - Connor Baxter leads
Connor Baxter has defeated arch rival Kai Lenny to claim the Ubatuba Grand Slam in Brazil, the second event of the 2013 Stand Up World Series. Connor took out both the Sprint Race (Saturday) and Long Distance Race (Sunday) to make it a clean sweep and establish an early lead in the World Series rankings.

Young gun Mo Freitas continued to rise through the ranks, claiming third in the Sprints against a string of in-form paddlers that included Zane Schweitzer, Kody Kerbox and Casper Steinfath. Mo then backed it up with a fourth in the distance event to take third place overall.

Take a look at the Ubatuba Grand Slam SUP race results below, then check back tomorrow for a full recap and more photos & video of the action from Brazil…

2013 Stand Up World Series Brazil – Ubatuba Grand Slam

Click “Sprints” or “Long Distance” to show results from each individual race

#NameSprintsLong DistanceOVERALL
1Connor Baxter0.70.71.4
2Kai Lenny224
3Mo Freitas347
4Zane Schweitzer4711
5Kody Kerbox5712
5Casper Steinfath9312
7Vinicius Martins7613
8Mario Cavaco Neto7714
9Leonard Nika71017
10Luis Carlos Guido14418
11Noa Ginella61420
12Paulo dos Reis111122
13Fernando Stalla141125
14Rafael Valentim131326
15Americo Pinheiro141529
16Arnaud Frennet141630
17Jose Mendes141731
18Bruno Pitanga141933
19Antonio Carlos Bonfa112536
19Sergio Prieto142236
21Luciano Trombini142337
22Marcelo Diaz142438
23Michel Jonas142640
24Edilson Assuncao251843
25Thiago Pestiglioz252045
26Luis Claudio Hulka252146
26Carlos Bahia143246
28Augusto Camargo252752
29Ricardo Freitas252853
30Dario Lima253055
31Douglas Gurgel253156
32Marcelo Gonzaga253358
33Neno Matos332962

Women’s SUP racing
Placing/Name/Sprint/Long Distance/OVERALL
1 Ariela Cesar Pinto 2 0.7 2.7
2 Barbara Brasil 0.7 4 4.7
3 Lena Guimarães 3 2 5
4 Luciana Kern Malles 4 6 10
4 Monica J Pasco 7 3 10
6 Mariana de Capitane 6 5 11
7 Aline Adisaka 5 7 12