June 10, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Slater Trout, Brandi Baksic Claim Santa Monica Pier Paddle In Macking Surf

Santa Monica Pier Paddle

Javier Jimenez of Mexico about to get worked…

Check out the full results from Saturday’s Santa Monica Pier Paddle Festival, which was held in very solid surf and won by Slater Trout and Brandi Baksic.

Surviving the carnage and finishing runner-up in the 5.5 mile race was Team Mexico star (and official Rogue SUP Race Calendar pin-up boy) Fernando Stalla, just seven seconds behind Slater.

The 4th annual Santa Monica Pier Paddle offered $20,000 in cash and prizes and . The unusually big surf forced organisers to suspend a bunch of the amateur races, but the elite guys and girls were keen to get out there and entertain the thousands of fans on the beach.

Event organiser Joel Brand summed it up by saying: “In four years of holding this event we’ve never had surf that even came close to what we saw today. I’m grateful to our race team and the water safety agencies that the entire event went off without a single serious injury.”

2013 SM Pier Paddle
The shot of the day came courtesy of Mexico’s Javier Jimenez, who got run down by a monster set during the team relay. Despite the carange, Jimenez’s squad (Team Sayulita) took the win and claimed the $2k bounty in the Tommy Bahama Team Challenge Relay Cup.

The 2013 SM Pier Paddle was a charity event supporting “Heal the Bay” and its marine education house, the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium that’s housed beneath the historic Pier Carousel. Heal the Bay scores a portion of proceeds from the event.

2013 Santa Monica Pier Paddle
Scroll down for the full SUP race results.

If you somehow missed our post about it yesterday, here’s an encore performance of the epic highlights vid:


2013 Santa Monica Pier Paddle Festival SUP Race Results

Course: 5.5 miles
Waves: macking
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1M1Slater Trout1:15:08Elite 14'10-99 M118
2M2Fernando Stalla1:15:15Elite 14'20-99 M226
3M3Brennan Rose1:15:17Elite 14'30-99 M324
4M4Matt Becker1:15:23Elite 14'40-99 M418
5M5Ryan Helm1:15:37Elite 14'50-99 M539
6M6Brian Murphy1:15:52Elite 14'60-99 M630
7M7Javier Jimenez1:15:53Elite 14'70-99 M718
8M8Riggs Napoleon1:18:53Elite 14'80-99 M815
9M9Jared Vargas1:18:56Elite 14'90-99 M929
10M10Chance Fielder1:19:23Elite 14'100-99 M1041
11M11Dave Boehne1:21:26Elite 14'110-99 M1137
12M12Brendan Light1:21:57Elite 14'120-99 M1218
13M13Tyler Morgan1:22:17Elite 14'130-99 M1336
14M14Mike Murphy1:23:53Elite 14'140-99 M1434
15M15Peter Deavila1:24:35Elite 14'150-99 M1548
16M16Sean Poynter1:25:36Elite 14'160-99 M1623
17M17Seth Springer1:26:29Elite 14'170-99 M1736
18F1Brandi Baksic1:27:25F Elite 12'610-99 F140
19F2Halie Harrison1:29:33F Elite 12'620-99 F218
20M18Shawn Fejerang1:30:0712'6 & under114-39 M117
21M19Rob Graham1:31:29Open 14'140-49 M148
22M20EJ Johnson1:31:3912'6 & under250-99 M150
23M21Bob Crane1:31:46Open 14'250-99 M151
24M22Noa Hopper1:32:0212'6 & under314-39 M214
25M23Scott Rose1:33:33Open 14'340-49 M247
26F3Talia Gangini Decoite1:33:55F Elite 12'630-99 F320
27F4Tamara Lentz1:34:26F Elite 12'640-99 F439
28F5Sarah Messina1:35:31F Elite 12'650-99 F531
29M24Mike Vaughan1:35:36Elite 14'180-99 M1841
30F6Kristin Thomas1:36:44F Elite 12'660-99 F650
31M25Steve Chrapchynski1:37:06Open 14'440-49 M342
32M26Geovani Cervantes Perez1:40:1612'6 & under414-39 M327
33M27Lawrence Johnson1:40:3512'6 & under540-49 M148
34M28Nakoa Decoite1:41:21Elite 14'190-99 M1925
35F7Tehani Gangini1:41:42F Elite 12'670-99 F718
36M29Norman Scheel1:42:48Elite 14'200-99 M2047
37M30Daniel Davis1:44:0512'6 & under640-49 M244
38M31Nick Scheel1:44:0812'6 & under714-39 M414
39F8Sofia Dewolfe1:46:01F 12'6 & under114-39 F118
40M32Barklie Griggs1:46:2512'6 & under850-99 M250
41M33Rich Hill1:47:0512'6 & under950-99 M350
42M34Kevin Roberts1:47:09Elite 14'210-99 M2142
43M35Simon Swart1:47:13Open 14'540-49 M449
44M36Daryl Caringi1:47:3312'6 & under1040-49 M343
45F9Shae Foudy1:49:22F Elite 12'680-99 F814
46M37Taizen Pied1:52:0912'6 & under1114-39 M527
47M38Brian Pena1:52:1012'6 & under1214-39 M626
48M39Ian Light1:53:5212'6 & under1314-39 M714
49M40Tim Sanford1:57:23SUP surf10-99 M140
50F10Alleanna Clark1:58:12F 12'6 & under214-39 F214
51F11Manya Clark1:58:26F 12'6 & under340-49 F146
52M41John Clark1:58:26Open 14'640-49 M545
53F12Andrea Conrad2:09:27F 12'6 & under440-49 F245
54M42Ken Clark2:13:4112'6 & under1414-39 M837
56M44Jeremy Godo Kiss2:19:3312'6 & under1614-39 M939
55M43Michelle Gierst2:19:3312'6 & under1540-49 M449
57M45Jason Meffe2:19:51SUP surf20-99 M238
58M46Mike Reisbord2:20:52Open 14'740-49 M644