April 28, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Port Adriano SUP Race: Peter Bartl, Sonni Hönscheid Win On Mallorca (FINAL RESULTS)

Port Adriano SUP Race on Mallorca

Here’s a shot I grabbed of Islas Malgrats a couple of days ago. This island was the second “turning buoy” in the Distance event.

We’ve just wrapped up the 2013 Port Adriano SUP Race on the beautiful island of Majorca (or “Mallorca” for the purists…). On Saturday we had the awesome Long Distance race while today it was the Sprints, with results from each combined to crown the overall winners.

In the Distance Race, the battle for the Elite 12’6 victory went right right down to the line. After 12km of paddling through tricky conditions, where the water was flat one minute and bumpy the next, it was Spain’s Roman Frejo who took the win ahead of Austria’s Peter Bartl.

After being in front for most of the race (and dragging along a few of his competitors in the lead draft train while he was at it), Peter fell in at the worst possible time. It was just as we were approaching the harbour and the sprint to the finish, which gave Roman a slight lead. The young Spaniard never looked back, sprinting the final 800m and crossing the line in an exhausted state, paddling the final few metres in an extreme-choke-down-sprint-stance, as if he was in an outrigger not a SUP.

Meanwhile new SIC team rider Sonni Hönscheid put in a very strong performance to clinch the women’s race, defeating local favourite and Peru medallist Laura Quetglas.

Kids SUP Race

The Kids Sprint Race got the loudest cheer of all!

On Sunday it was time for the sprints, which consisted of three short races. The first was roughly 400m, the second 300m, and the third and final sprint was a super quick, super chaotic paddle of just under 200m.

After losing to Roman Frejo yesterday, Austria’s Peter Bartl had all the work to do. Results from the two races were combined, but the Distance Race acted as a tie-breaker. So if Peter got 2nd in the Distance and 1st in the Sprints, he would need Roman to do no better than 3rd on day two… and that’s exactly what happened.

With almost 30 guys on the start line for the 12’6 class there wasn’t much room to move. Paddlers needed to get a strong start or they risked getting caught up in the pack. Peter managed to find some clean water and took out the first two sprints,which all but guaranteed him a win on day two. From there it all came down to Roman’s results…

In each of the sprints, Roman and the two Italians, Paolo Marconi (3rd in the Distance race) and Fabrizio Gasbarro (4th in the Distance race), traded the minor placings. But in the end Paolo edged ahead when he claimed the third and final sprint, which put him on nine points overall for day two vs. Roman and Fabrizio on ten points each.

So as you can see from the final rankings table below, this all meant that Peter Bartl claimed the title of 2013 Port Adriano SUP Race Champion, with Roman settling for 2nd and Paolo taking in an impressive 3rd.

2013 Port Adriano SUP Race on Majorca

In the women’s race the battle came down to just two: Sonni Hönschied of Germany and Laura Quetglas, the local Mallorcan paddler (and one of the driving forces behind getting this event up and running). After taking the victory on Day One, Sonni was in a strong position to claim the overall title. Laura gave her plenty of competition in the sprints, but Sonni was able to hold off in all three of the races to make it a clean sweep.

The Port Adriano SUP Race was a great event. The Distance Race enjoyed an amazing course, where a couple of very scenic islands acted as giant turning buoys. I also really enjoyed the Distance + Sprint format, where results from each day are combined to crown the overall winners. The weather gods weren’t smiling on the weekend, but I’ve been here the past two weeks and have enjoyed plenty of beautiful sunshine.

Not to mention the fact that Port Adriano is a perfect spot to hold a SUP race. It’s a luxury marina that sits in a quiet part of an otherwise busy stretch of resort towns. This whole event was also very very well organised…. So when you throw in the scenic beauty of Mallorca and its reputation as a holiday island, I have doubt a lot of paddlers will be adding this one to their 2014 SUP racing calendars. I know SUPracer.com be back for sure.

2013 Port Adriano Kids SUP Race

There were two dozen stoked grommies racing on the weekend. Great to see the future of SUP racing in Europe is alive and well!

(Check back soon for pics and video of the action)

2013 Port Adriano SUP Race RESULTS

Men’s Elite 12’6 Final Results
S1/S2/S3 = Sprint Races 1, 2 and 3
D+S = Combined results from both the Distance and Sprint events, which determined overall rankings

#NameDistanceSprintsD+S(S1)(S2)(S3)(S Points)
1Peter Bartl2131135
2Roman Frejo13432510
3Paolo Marconi3254419
4Fabrizio Gasbarro43753210
5Roman Riera189610925
6Pere Sureda651125411
7Victor Blanes7714117624
8Bernat Castell861478823
9Branislav Sramek514191918744
10Taka Llinas101020891330
11William Doering1310239111030
12Jean-Luc Malfroid9162517141647
13Marcelo Barreto179261061127
14Ramon Blanco12152714171546
15Kristian Dimitrov15122713151442
16Tomas Sanchez14183216122452
17Ben Swails25123712131742
18Javier Sanchez16223820242266
19Jose Sanchez21173815161950
20Natxo Riera18213921221861
21Saul Viadero20193923211256
22Antonio de la Rosa19244326252071
23Antoine Badin22234524202670
24Paulino Cayon27204718192360
25Carlos Forteza23264927272175
26Javier Bartra26255122232772
27Victor Rozalen28275525262576

Women’s Elite 12’6 Final Results
S1/S2/S3 = Sprint Races 1, 2 and 3
D+S = Combined results from both the Distance and Sprint events, which determined overall rankings

#NameDistanceSprintsD+S(S1)(S2)(S3)(S Points)
1Sonni Hönscheid1121113
2Laura Quetglas2242226
3Barbara de la Maza33633410
4Mireia Rabal44856314
5Susanne Lier651144715
6Cristina Rozalen571277620
7Petra Offermans861465516
8Sigrid Baumgartner781588824

Men’s 14′ Final Results
S1/S2/S3 = Sprint Races 1, 2 and 3
D+S = Combined results from both the Distance and Sprint events, which determined overall rankings

#NameDistanceSprintD+S(S1)(S2)(S3)(S Points)
1Christopher Parker1121113
2Miguel Martorell23526311
3Daniel Ruiz33632611
4Ruben Salvador42644210
5Romke Loopik551063413
6Tolo Canellas661255515

Elite Long Distance Race Overall Times (12km)
Click “M/F” to switch between men’s and women’s results
Click “Class” to sort results by the separate board classes

#M/FM/F #NameTimeClassClass #
1M1Roman Frejo1:20:5412'61
2M2Peter Bartl1:21:1512'62
3M3Christopher Parker1:21:2314'1
4M4Paolo Marconi1:22:2012'63
5M5Fabrizio Gasbarro1:22:5312'64
6M6Miguel Martorell1:23:0814'2
7M7Branislav Sramek1:23:4112'65
8M8Daniel Ruiz1:23:4914'3
9M9Pere Sureda1:24:0712'66
10M10Ruben Salvador1:24:5214'4
11F1Sonni Hönscheid1:25:35F12'61
12M11Victor Blanes1:26:1512'67
13M12Bernat Castell1:27:3012'68
14M13Jean-Luc Malfroid1:29:4412'69
15M14Romke Loopik1:29:4914'5
16M15Taka Llinas1:30:0412'610
17M16Roman Riera1:30:1512'611
18M17Ramon Blanco1:30:2412'612
19M18William Doering1:30:3912'613
20M19Tomas Sanchez1:30:4512'614
21M20Kristian Dimitrov1:31:0412'615
22M21Javier Sanchez1:31:1812'616
23M22Marcelo Barreto1:31:4312'617
24M23Natxo Riera1:32:1412'618
25F2Laura Quetglas1:32:27F12'62
26M24Antonio de la Rosa1:34:2812'619
27M25Saul Viadero1:35:1112'620
28M26Jose Sanchez1:35:1212'621
29M27Antoine Badin1:35:4512'622
30M28Carlos Forteza1:35:4612'623
31M29Billy Palmer1:36:0912'624
32M30Tolo Canellas1:36:2714'6
33M31Benjamin Swails1:36:3212'625
34F3Barbara de la Maza1:39:34F12'63
35M32Javier Bartra1:40:4712'626
36F4Mireia Rabal1:41:11F12'64
37M33Paulino Cayon1:42:0212'627
38M34Victor Rozalen1:42:1712'628
39F5Cristina Rozalen1:42:26F12'65
40F6Susanne Lier1:45:56F12'66
42F7Sigrid Baumgartner1:53:21F12'67
43F8Petra Offermans1:53:27F12'68

All-Round Distance Race (6km)
Click “Division” to switch between men’s and women’s results

1Victor Gonzalez0:46:27Men's All-Round1
2Sorin Vasilo0:46:42Men's All-Round2
3Cesc Bas0:47:33Men's All-Round3
4Miguel Delpon0:48:53Men's All-Round4
5Sol la Oca0:49:47Women's All-Round1
6Silvia Canudas0:50:34Women's All-Round2
7Pep Vic0:50:44Men's All-Round5
8Sofia Jofre0:51:26Women's All-Round3
9Beatriz Pinal0:51:47Women's All-Round4
10Kimberly Crellin0:52:12Women's All-Round5
11Matias Fosco0:53:55Men's All-Round6
12Fernando Viadero0:54:06Men's All-Round7
13Luigi Bernadi0:55:10Men's All-Round8
14Beatriz Canudas0:56:02Women's All-Round6
15Alex Suau0:56:52Men's All-Round9
16Sara Galabert1:01:24Women's All-Round7