May 5, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Paddle Imua SUP Race (Maui)

Paddle Imua (© Jimmie Hepp)The 2013 Paddle Imua SUP Race went down on Maui yesterday, with very close to 100 Stand Up Paddlers hitting the world famous Maliko downwind course.

In the end it was Livio Menelau who took line honours just over a minute ahead of Jeremy Riggs, while Andrea Moller dominated the women’s race to the surprise of nobody.

Super grom Travis Baptiste put in a lightning quick time to claim the 14′ class and take third overall, with Aussie Ironwoman Queen Karla Gilbert another strong performer, taking out the women’s 14′ class and crossing the line 2nd overall behind Andrea.

The race was held to benefit Camp Imua, a local charity on Maui, and for many paddles was also a warm-up for next week’s big Olukai race.

Check out the full results below or take a look at the awesome Paddle Imua race photos.

2013 Paddle Imua – Winners

Men’s Unlimited: Livio Menelau
Women’s Unlimited: Andrea Moller
Men’s 14: Travis Baptiste
Women’s 14: Karla Gilbert
Men’s 12’6: Bernd Roediger
Women’s 12’6: Brit Oliphant

Paddle Imua - Livio Menelau (© Jimmie Hepp)

Livio Menelau entering Kahului Harbor on his way to victory (© Jimmie Hepp)

2013 Paddle Imua SUP Race – Full Results

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(…also check out the awesome gallery of Paddle Imua PHOTOS)

#M/FM/F #NameTimeBoard ClassClass #
1M1Livio Menelau1:15:50Unlimited1
2M2Jeremy Riggs1:17:12Unlimited2
3M3Travis Baptiste1:17:5714'1
4M4Bart De Zwart1:20:5214'2
5M5Ralf Sifford1:21:16Unlimited3
6M6Scott Trudon1:22:13Unlimited4
7M7Joshua Riccio1:24:07Unlimited5
8M8Bernd Roediger1:25:0712'61
9F1Andrea Moller1:26:05F Unlimited1
10M9Junya McGurn1:27:4114'3
11M10Martijn Van Deth1:28:1514'4
12M11Matt Nottage1:29:1214'5
13M12Art Aquino1:30:15Unlimited6
14F2Karla Gilbert1:30:44F 14'1
15M13Masao Fukayama1:31:07Unlimited7
16M14Ron St. John1:31:2014'6
17M15Justin Gordon1:32:21Unlimited8
18F3Kathy Shipman1:32:49F 14'2
19M16Neil Turpin1:33:2314'7
20M17Randy Royse1:35:18Unlimited9
21M18Ridge Lenny1:36:4612'62
22M19John Bevenbergen1:37:18Unlimited10
23M20Frank Forbes1:38:3812'63
24M21Benjamin Friberg1:39:3914'8
25M22David Oakley1:39:4714'9
26M23Greg Harbottle1:39:58Unlimited11
27M24Robert Stoner1:40:27Unlimited12
28M25Manny Ruiz1:40:3812'64
29M26Chris Pagdilao1:40:5014'10
30F4Devin Blish1:41:36F Unlimited2
31M27Vetea Ribet1:41:4514'11
32F5Brit Oliphant1:41:55F 12'61
33M28Bram Denhaan1:43:39Unlimited13
34M29Bryan Altham1:44:0412'65
35M30John Smalley1:44:3514'12
36M31Michael Woodard1:44:5814'13
37M32Fendall Moraitis1:45:2514'14
38M33Martin Giroud1:45:4714'15
39M34Bill Babcork1:45:59Unlimited14
40F6Sarah Delaunay1:46:02F 12'62
41M35Stephen Ross1:46:34Unlimited15
42F7Kimberley Sutton1:46:42F 14'3
43M36Emery Tavares1:46:52Unlimited16
44M37Tom Callan1:47:5114'16
45M38Nathan Decker1:47:59Unlimited17
46M39Robin Bolos1:48:38Unlimited18
47M40Bruce Baptiste1:48:4012'66
48M41Chris Lewis1:48:55Unlimited19
49M42Peter John1:49:3714'17
50M43Donnie McGean1:50:21Unlimited20
51M44Mark Sarver1:51:01Unlimited21
52M45Pierre Coetzee1:51:0714'18
53M46Jordan Kolton1:51:1512'67
54M47Karl Rohlfing1:51:27Unlimited22
55M48Joseph Dratz1:51:3214'19
56M49Pat McCarthy1:51:43Unlimited23
57M50Martin Vollert1:51:54Unlimited24
58F8Cristiane Martins1:52:01F 14'4
59M51Lance Okrasinski1:52:0212'68
60F9Tehani Gangini1:52:37F 14'5
61M52David Bond1:53:5414'20
62F10Courtney Brown1:53:57F 14'6
63M53Dave Weiss1:54:53Unlimited25
64F11Megan Abubo1:55:23F 12'63
65F12Lani Morey1:55:36F 12'64
66M54Scooter Metcalfe1:56:0914'21
67M55Josef Erlemann1:57:4414'22
68M56David Diller1:57:5814'23
69F13Barbara Utech1:58:31F 14'7
70F14Sharon Look1:58:50F Unlimited3
71M57Robert Reader1:59:0414'24
72M58Jeff Hudson1:59:2814'25
73M59Grant MacDonald1:59:5414'26
74M60Dan Coleman1:59:5714'27
75F15Suzie Cooney2:00:06F 14'8
76M61Vinnie Armato2:00:1212'69
77M62Ryan Schooley2:01:0614'28
78M63Gary Niblock2:01:3314'29
79M64Jason Hall2:02:0112'610
80M65Scott Wilson2:02:0912'611
81F16Lani Gomes2:07:43F 12'65
82M66Chris Freeman2:09:0412'612
83M67Andreas Gessner2:11:00Unlimited26
84F17Peggy King2:11:30F Unlimited4
85F18Robyn Lee2:11:58F Unlimited5
86M68Armin Engert2:13:5412'613
87F19Raquel Liima2:16:45F 14'9
88F20Amy Anderson2:17:32F 14'10
89F21Hillary Hardy2:17:42F 14'11
90M69Krak Arntson2:20:4212'614
91F22Cecelia Cochran2:22:07F 12'66
92M70Alex Pricope2:23:4714'30
93M71Steve Hunt2:25:4412'615
94M72Olaf Sutor2:27:1414'31
95M73Joe Griffiths III2:28:0314'32
96F23Melissa Tumbleson2:28:07F 12'67
97F24Trisha Cruz2:33:39F Unlimited6
98M74Garth Marriott2:33:43Unlimited27