August 5, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Abbey, Strickland Win The Na Pali Race

Na Pali
Kaeo Abbey and Mariko Strickland have taken out the 2013 Na Pali Race, an event held along one the most spectacular stretches of coastline in the world… Less of a race and more of a sightseeing tour, the fourth annual event saw paddlers travel 17 miles down the famous Na Pali Coast on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i yesterday.

Fresh from his Top 5 finish at Molokai last week, Kaeo put in a commanding performance to finish in 2 hours 15 minutes, almost 10 minutes clear of runner-up Andrew Logreco. Mariko had a closer finish in the women’s race, coming home 4 minutes ahead of Rachel Bruntsch.

Check out the full results below and then put this race on your Bucket List…

Kaeo Abbey

The Champ: Kaeo Abbey

That’s Noa Ginella on the far left and Mariko Strickland in the middle (Instagram’d by @marikokochan)

2013 Na Pali Race RESULTS

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#M/FM/F #NameTimeClassClass #DivisionDiv #
1M1Kaeo Abbey2:15:4614'1Open1
2M2Adrew Logreco2:24:2414'2Open2
3M3Armie Armstrong2:27:3914'3Open3
4M4Noa Ginella2:30:3814'4Open4
5M5Ingo Redemacher2:31:18Unlimited1Open1
6M6Eugene Ancheta2:38:0614'5Open5
7F1Mariko Strickland-Lum2:38:36F14'1Open1
8M7Ed Wheeler2:42:17Unlimited2Open2
9F2Rachel Bruntsch2:42:50F14'2Open2
10M8Krishan Kokuge2:44:1314'6Open6
11M9Thomas Gallagher2:44:58Unlimited3Open3
12M10Kolaiah Jardine2:48:1212'61Open1
13M11Kainoa Lum2:56:32Unlimited4Open4
14M12Kamuela Aea2:57:2012'6240+1
15M13Nick Marvin3:02:3014'750+1
16M14Kai Christensen3:05:3214'8Open7
17M15David Roggenkamp3:10:13Unlimited5Open5
18M16Warwick Gray3:11:1512'6340+2
19M17Cameron Ventura3:16:2814'9Open8
20M18Shane Valiere3:20:04Unlimited6Open6
21M19Matt Milbrand3:22:2814'10Open9
22M20Aaron Marvin3:22:30Surfboard1Open1
23M21Rick Busch3:24:4812'64Open2
24M22Jason Irons3:26:38Surfboard2Open2
25M23Drew Irons3:27:43Surfboard3Open3
26M24Brandon Krovoza3:27:5314'11Open10
27M25Brav Ellis3:28:31Unlimited7Open7
28F3Sue Cooper3:28:48F14'3Open3
29M26Dion Kailioloros3:30:0614'12Open11
30F4Shanti Kay Manzano3:32:39F12'61Open1
31F5Laola Aea3:35:54F12'6240+1
32M27Thomas Potter3:36:10Surfboard4Open4
33M28Phillip Johnson3:38:2314'1350+2
34M29Tommy Hale3:40:0612'6540+3
35M30Donny Kaulukukui3:40:2612'66Open3
36M31Mike Zines3:45:5514'1450+3
37M32Drew Nakahara3:46:11Surfboard5Open5
38M33Rick Marvin3:46:52Surfboard6Open6
39M34Robert Haugland3:48:02Surfboard7Open7
40F6Melissa Byrovak3:48:34F14'4Open4
41F7Sandy Rodriguez4:05:01F12'6340+2
42M35Alan Taogoshi4:25:5112'6740+4