July 21, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Connor Baxter, Andrea Moller Win The Maui Paddle Championships

Maui Paddleboard Championships
The 8th Annual Maui Paddle Championships are happening right now in Hawaii. This is one of the races of the year, with an all-star local cast being joined by many of the world’s best paddlers for a race along the famous Maliko downwind run.

We’ll keep you posted with results as they happen…

UPDATE #1: The race has just started! Conditions are relatively light for Maliko but better than what was predicted. Expect the leaders over the line in just over one hour from now.

UPDATE #2: Connor Baxter wins. Again. Conditions improved throughout the day making for some fast times, with Connor crossing the line in 1:02, three minutes ahead of Jeremy Riggs. Young gun Travis Baptiste absolutely blitzed it on his 12’6, recording a very impressive time and finishing ahead of almost all the unlimited boards. Meanwhile Maui local Kody Kerbox took out the big battle of the 14 footers, claiming the division win ahead of Aussie Paul Jackson.

Andrea Moller claimed the win on the women’s side, beating home Devin Blish and Terrene Black. The Downwind Queen was in a class of her own and showed why she’ll be tough to beat in next week’s big Molokai race. The Brazilian-turned-Maui local was five minutes ahead of Blish and finished 14th overall, beating most of the men over the line. Devin’s time was also impressive, as she was on a 14 footer even though she was competing in the elite unlimited class.

UPDATE #3: Full results are below. Check back soon for the recap plus some great photos and video of the action…

Maui Paddle Championships - Connor Baxter

Connor Baxter paddling the final hundred metres on his way to victory. You can see Jeremy Riggs in the background just about to enter the Harbor. Have a look at the bumps out to sea – despite predictions of light winds, the conditions definitely improved throughout the day and made for some fast times (photo © Jimmie Hepp)

Maui Paddle Champs 2013

Men’s Top 5. From right to left: Connor, Jeremy, Livio, Tamarua, Dave (photo © Karen Baxter)

Maui Paddle Champs

Women’s Top 5. From right to left: Andrea, Devin, Terrene, Sonni, Jordan Mercer [1st prone] (photo © Karen Baxter)


2013 Maui Paddle Championships RESULTS

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#M/FM/F #NameTimeClassClass #
1M1Connor Baxter1:02:06Unlimited M01-291
2M2Jeremy Riggs1:05:19Unlimited M30-451
3M3Livio Menelau1:05:36Unlimited M30-452
4M4Tamarua Cowan1:05:47Unlimited M01-292
5M5David Kissane1:05:53Unlimited M46-591
6M6Kaeo Abbey1:07:03Unlimited M01-293
7M7Scott Trudon1:07:06Unlimited M46-592
8M8Travis Baptiste1:07:2112'6 M01-161
9M9Kody Kerbox1:07:3814' M17-291
10M10Vinnicius Martins1:09:52Unlimited M01-294
11M11Luiz Carlos Guida1:10:31Unlimited M01-295
12M12Tomo Murabayashi1:10:40Unlimited M30-453
13M13Eric Terrien1:10:50Unlimited M30-454
14F1Andrea Moller1:11:05Unlimited F30-451
15M14Paul Jackson1:11:2014' M30-451
16M15Joshua Riccio1:11:4214' M17-292
17M16Marcus Tardrew1:11:50Unlimited M30-455
18M17Bernd Roediger1:12:2212'6 M01-162
19M18Chase Kosterlitz1:13:2414' M17-293
20M19Ralph Sifford1:14:09Unlimited M46-593
21M20Zane Kekoa Schweitzer1:14:3914' M17-294
22M21Poenaiki Raioha1:15:1214' M01-161
23M22Alex Mateo1:15:37Unlimited M30-456
24M23Buzzy Kerbox1:15:53Unlimited M46-594
25M24Phil Gregory1:16:02Unlimited M46-595
26M25Matt Becker1:16:38Unlimited M01-296
27F2Devin Blish1:16:44Unlimited F46-991
28F3Terrene Black1:17:19Unlimited F30-452
29M26Jerry Bess1:17:26Unlimited M46-596
30F4Sonja Haqnscheid1:17:27Unlimited F30-453
31M27Frogier Steven1:17:4414' M30-452
32M28Alan Cadiz1:18:33Unlimited M46-597
33M29Justin Gordon1:19:03Unlimited M30-457
34M30Gustavo Ratones1:19:50Unlimited M30-458
35M31Yoshiaki Nagamatsu1:20:3814' M30-453
36M32Brennan Rose1:20:5114' M17-295
37M33Ridge Lenny1:20:5314' M01-162
38M34Jack Dyson1:21:01Unlimited M60-991
39M35Belar Diaz1:21:1614' M30-454
40M36Randy Royse1:21:17Unlimited M46-598
41F5Kathy Shipman1:21:3614' F46-991
42F6Jenny Kalmbach1:21:45Unlimited F30-454
43M37Chris Pagdilao1:22:30Unlimited M30-459
44M38Michi Eskimo1:22:5314' M46-591
45M39Ed Wheeler1:22:54Unlimited M30-4510
46M40Braly Joy1:23:11Unlimited M30-4511
47M41Kousuke Matsuyama1:23:22Unlimited M30-4512
48M42Kimon Dos Santos1:23:38Unlimited M01-297
49M43Kimon Dos Santos1:23:3814' M01-163
50M44Franck Le Ven1:24:1314' M46-592
51M45Kevin Shy1:24:35Unlimited M46-599
52M46Peter Petersen1:25:1014' M46-593
53M47Phillip Binney Kai1:25:2914' M46-594
54M48Bob From Brazil1:25:53Unlimited M30-4513
55M49Rj Whener1:25:5914' M01-164
56M50Norman Roepiaer1:26:1314' M30-455
57M51Lee Wnuk1:26:20Unlimited M46-5910
58M52Pietro Muscas1:26:4314' M46-595
59F7Angela Jackson1:27:0314' F30-451
60M53Joao Renato Moura1:27:20Unlimited M30-4514
61M54Cikara Tsumura1:27:21Unlimited M60-992
62F8Linaq Augaitis1:27:27Unlimited F30-455
63M55Lance Erickson1:27:4414' M46-596
64M56Bryan Altham1:28:19Unlimited M30-4515
65M57Manny Ruiz1:28:2614' M30-456
66M58Bill Smith1:29:2414' M46-597
67M59Karl Rohlfing1:29:28Unlimited M46-5911
68M60Vetea Ribet1:29:5614' M30-457
69M61David Oakley1:30:0214' M60-991
70M62Joel Comer1:30:1014' M46-598
71F9Manca Notar1:30:2414' F01-291
72M63Ryan Eugenio1:31:4914' M30-458
73M64Robert Teriiheham1:31:5314' M30-459
74M65Shep Nelson1:32:00Unlimited M30-4516
75M66Mike Evatt1:32:0214' M46-599
76M67Armie Armstrong1:32:1614' M30-4510
77M68Jeff Okuna1:32:30Unlimited M30-4517
78M69Scott Elliott1:32:5914' M30-4511
79M70William Boyum1:33:14Unlimited M60-993
80M71Matt Carreras1:33:26Unlimited M30-4518
81M72Matthew Murasko1:33:50Unlimited M46-5912
82M73Brett Nelson1:34:07Unlimited M30-4519
83F10Tehani Gangini1:34:09Unlimited F01-291
84M74Bradley Kingsley1:34:3214' M30-4512
85M75Laurent Guillemin1:34:4214' M30-4513
86M76Brad Albert1:34:5714' M30-4514
87M77Gregory Harbottle1:35:02Unlimited M46-5913
88M78Jp Mihlbauer1:35:0912'6 M30-451
89M79Gavin Ferguson1:35:1614' M46-5910
90M80Mike Kini1:35:3114' M46-5911
91M81Nathan Decker1:35:51Unlimited M30-4520
92M82Craig Wright1:35:5714' M30-4515
93M83Bruce Baptiste1:36:1712'6 M46-591
94M84Sam Pae1:36:20Unlimited M30-4521
95M85Mike Jucker1:36:22Unlimited M30-4522
96M86Jason Cantor1:36:36Unlimited M01-298
97M87Brook Staples1:37:01Unlimited M30-4523
98M88Wally Bouchard1:37:04Unlimited M60-994
99M89Darren Bennett1:37:1114' M30-4516
100M90Martin Giroud1:37:3814' M30-4517
101M91Michael Nunnery1:37:59Unlimited M46-5914
102M92Ryan Schooley1:38:59Unlimited M30-4524
103M93Oren Masserman1:39:0912'6 M30-452
104F11Marjie Kahookele-Pea1:39:18Unlimited F30-456
105M94Yannick Liu1:39:4812'6 M46-592
106F12Kim Herrera1:40:14Unlimited F46-992
107M95Pat McCarthy1:40:29Unlimited M46-5915
108M96Joseph Dratz1:40:2914' M30-4518
109M97Yoann Le Ven1:41:0112'6 M17-291
110F13Margareth Vivish1:41:3914' F01-292
111M98Clarence Yoshikane1:41:43Unlimited M46-5916
112M99Michael Lowcher1:42:3014' M60-992
113F14Alyssa Waltze1:42:5412'6 F30-451
114M100Vince Steves1:43:1214' M46-5912
115F15Deja Howard1:44:00Unlimited F30-457
116F16Brigette Van Aswegen1:44:0114' F30-452
117F17Tiffany Ward1:44:04Unlimited F30-458
118M101Lance Okrasinski1:44:1212'6 M17-292
119F18Megan Abubo1:44:29Unlimited F30-459
120F19Lani Gomes1:45:0612'6 F30-452
121M102Fendall Moraitis1:45:0914' M30-4519
122M103Jeffrey Skrotzki1:46:5714' M17-296
123M104Dave Weiss1:47:24Unlimited M46-5917
124M105Searay Beltran1:47:2912'6 M46-593
125M106Ellison Kyle1:47:5812'6 M17-293
126F20Jenny Alderman1:47:5914' F30-453
127F21Julie Scneyer1:48:42Unlimited F30-4510
128M107Marko Notar1:49:2414' M30-4520
129F22Suzie Cooney1:49:4514' F46-992
130M108Brian Rienard1:49:5412'6 M30-453
131F23Margaret-Pegg King1:50:4614' F46-993
132F24Alex Horvath1:50:5714' F30-454
133F25Sue Cooper1:51:1914' F46-994
134F26Simone Reddingius1:52:3114' F46-995
135M109Kai Binney1:53:1712'6 M01-163
136F27Jill Riggs1:54:2314' F30-455
137F28Clare Mawae1:55:0514' F46-996
138M110Mark Driessen1:55:1012'6 M30-454
139M111Alex Mawae1:55:1912'6 M01-164
140M112Thomas Nador1:55:3914' M30-4521
141F29Hillary Runner1:56:0314' F30-455
142F30Ashley Akers1:56:52Unlimited F30-4511
143F31Liz Guilhaus1:57:2514' F46-997
144F32Karina Lewis1:58:3212'6 F30-453
145F33Gina Lawless1:58:35Unlimited F30-4512
146M113Ian Nichol1:59:1914' M30-4522
147F34Kelly Moore-Coullahan1:59:22Unlimited F30-4513
148M114Shawn Coullahan1:59:24Unlimited M46-5918
149M115Scott Young2:00:4312'6 M46-594
150M116Scooter Metcalfe2:00:5714' M46-5913
151F35Laurel White2:01:2314' F46-998
152F36Holly Amodio2:05:5812'6 F30-454
153M117Cody Young2:06:0012'6 M01-165
154M118Ken Kerry2:08:32Unlimited M46-5919
155M119Lance Murphy2:12:32Unlimited M46-5920
156F37Sandy Rodrigues2:14:2212'6 F46-991
157F38Nicola Adamson2:16:0414' F30-456
158M120Garth Marriott2:21:3914' M30-4523