August 26, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Fun Times In Canada, aka Results From The 6th Annual Easy Rider SUP Cup (UPDATED RESULTS)

Easy Rider SUP CupEarly results are in from the 6th Annual Easy Rider SUP Cup in Edmonton, Canada, which saw a 15km down-river race and an indoor SUP surfing contest. Quite possibly the only SUP contest held in a mall…

Team Quickblade cleaned up, with the Mad Scientist himself, Jim Terrell, taking out the men’s race, while Italian QB team rider Silvia Mecucci took out the women’s.

Runner-up in the men’s was Olympic Gold Medalist Larry Cain, which made for a fitting 1-2 given the history Jim and Larry share in the world of sprint canoeing.

Sounds like it was a fun weekend. We’ll have full results (UPDATE: full results below) and pics shortly, but in the meantime here’s how Jim summed up the event:

This weekend was simply AWESOME!!

All the people were great fun and Warren put on a 10 of a show. Good clinic Friday – two sold out sessions with 10 paddlers and four hours each, back to back. Unreal down river race on the beautiful Saskatchewan – 15 kms with some shallow river current challenges. I was the first overall male and Silvia first overall female, Larry was 2nd. Board shuttle and bus shuttle provided! Nice BBQ following the race, then an evening party screening the H2o Indo and Driftwood movies! Both awesome!

The highlight though was this morning’s SUP surf in the wave pool. We had it all to ourselves. There was a pro heat, which was won by Kalama (doing 360’s and all!). Diane Wenzel won the open women and, somehow (shockingly), I won the open men’s. Must have been the predictability of where the peak is haha.

Super fun time, I want to come back next year for sure!


2013 Easy Ride SUP Cup RESULTS

Race Division

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Overall #M/FM/F #NameTimeClassClass #
1M1Jim Terrell1.11.17M Utld1
2M2Larry Cain1.11.23M Utld2
3M3Mike Darbyshire1.11.25M Utld3
4M4Ryan Knysh1.16.18M Stock1
5M5Kristian Pearson1.16.24M Utld4
6M6Dave Boehne1.16.29M Utld5
7M7Dave Kalama1.16.47M Stock2
8M8Delmer Wowk1.16.51M Utld6
9M9Corey Jespersen1.19.37M Stock3
10F1Silvia Mecucci1.20.10F Stock1
11F2Catherine Bruhwiler1.20.50F Stock2
12M10Warren Currie1.21.01M Utld7
13M11Murray Makowsky1.21.45M Ultd8
14F3Karly Cox1.21.50F Stock3
15M12Rob Hobbs1.22.15M Stock4
16M13Matt Knysh1.23.36M Stock5
17F4Diane Wenzel1.24.14F Stock4
18M14Alex Pricope1.24.20M Utld9
19M15Gregory Reeb1.24.24M Stock6
20M16Kelly Rogers1.24.47M Stock7
21M17Eric Cherrington1.25.04M Inflate1
22M18Brock Shabada1.25.21M Stock8
23M19Rob MacLeod1.25.34M Stock9
24M20Trevor McKay1.26.42M Stock10
25M21Karl Schuller1.27.07M Surf1
26M22Trey Currie1.27.13M Inflate2
27M23Rob Borrelli1.27.58M Stock11
28M24Jens Pederson1.28.15M Stock12
29M25Rob Jeske1.28.25M Surf2
30F5Karen MacLeod1.29.01F Stock5
31M26Stephen Wright1.30.27M Surf3
32M27Grant Schaffer1.30.52M Surf4
33M28Keith Freeman1.33.29M Surf5
34M29Robin Chapelsky1.34.08M Ultd10
35J1Griffin Currie1.34.31Junior1
36M30Andrew Palyniak1.34.37M Surf6
37M31Martin Plut1.35.02M Inflate3
38M32John Bohaychuk1.35.23M Stock13
39F6Delaney Hobbs1.35.27F Surf1
40M33Aaron McQuaid1.35.32M Surf7
41M34Mark Palyniak1.35.56M Surf8
42M35James MacLeod1.36.31M Inflate4
43F7Kim Sosnick1.38.27F Surf2
44F8Deanna Thompson1.38.54F Surf3
45M36Jason Wetsch1.40.22M Utld11
46F9Leah Cherington1.42.01F Inflate1
47M37Leon Marciak1.44.02M Surf9


Touring Division

1 Brett Potter M
2 Dave Potter M
3 Kyle Regan M
4 Amanda Bell F
5 Tina Freeman F
6 Tyler Nieckar M
7 Ashley Orr F
8 Michelle Manovich F
9 Kira Holm F
10 Chris Holm M
11 Laura Holm F
12 Tommy Jespersen M
13 Geoff Bell M
14 Shannon Fitzsimmons F
15 Fred Schulte M
16 Sonja Hoyte F
17 Mike Peck M
18 John Peck M
19 Amanda Peck F
20 Dennis Djugovic M
21 Christina Chapelsky F
22 Jeniffer Poirier F
23 Marc Poriier M
24 Gavin Berg M
25 Leigh Berg F
26 Antoine Morin M
27 Annette Morin F
28 Scott Currie M
29 Angela Currie F
30 Desmond Ross M
31 Kathy Rispler F
32 Koah Ross M
33 Larry Drinkle M
34 Sara Pretzlaff F
35 Ron Pretzlaff M
36 Matt Bosch M
37 David Bosch M
38 Sherri Landsman F
39 Steve Ennis M
40 Stuart Johnston M
41 Maren Johnston F
42 Andi Russell F
43 Sheldon Bekolay M
44 Charley Bekolay F