September 9, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Rising Star Lina Augaitis Wins First Ever Canadian SUP Championships

Lina AugaitisThe first ever Canadian SUP Championship was held in conjunction with one of the biggest Canadian SUP races, The Kalamalka Classic in Vernon, BC on August 30th/September 1st. More than 150 paddlers participated across the weekend in the short course, sprints, team relays and the classic paddle across Kalamalka Lake. There were many trophies to be won from Queen and King of Kalamalka to various Canadian Championship titles.

Day 1 was the Wikiholo short course for the elite racers. There were heats of eliminations and then a final round for the men, while the women used a cumulative points system without eliminations. In the women’s race it was Lina Augaitis who took the win, followed by Shannon Bell and then Lysanne Lavigne. On the men’s side the competition was tight with Stu Robinson taking the win followed closely by Norm Hann and Mike Darbyshire.

Day 2 saw he crossing of the lake race, which was the Canadian Championship event, as well as the culmination of the overall Queen and King titles. On the female’s side it was Lina Augaitis who won the 14ft class as well as the overall Queen of the Lake title. Shannon Bell won the 12’6 ft class.

For the men it was Stu Robinson taking the win for the 14ft class, followed by Norm Hann and Mike Darbyshire. Stu Robinson took the overall King of the lake title as well. James Thesiger won the title for the 12’6″ class. Gary Parsons and Mary Lou Brisco won the masters category and Eli Fischbuch and Mia Wheatley took the Junior titles.

Full results are below and there’s also a great recap of the weekend by Queen of the Lake and rising star of the women’s racing scene, Lina Augaitis, over on her personal blog.


2013 Canadian SUP Championships

Distance Race Results
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1M1Stuart Robinson 0:42:06.7-14'132
2M2Norm Hann 0:42:37.5+0:30.814'244
3F1Lina Augaitis 0:44:39.2+2:32.5F14'132
4M3Mike Darbyshaize 0:46:15.8+4:09.114'3
5M4Gary Parsons 0:46:16.6+4:09.914' Masters153
6M5Corey Lotnick 0:48:53.6+6:46.914'444
7M6Dwayne Lotnick 0:49:03.0+6:56.314' Masters252
8M7Ben Wright 0:49:39.7+7:33.014'533
9M8Yannick Michaud 0:49:49.7+7:43.014'638
10M9James Thesiger 0:50:00.6+7:53.912'6133
11M10Jason BennettNorth  0:50:37.5+8:30.814'727
12M11Dale Plant 0:50:49.1+8:42.414'849
13M12Tim Quarles  0:50:59.8+8:53.114' Masters354
14M13Dave Billenness 0:51:24.3+9:17.612'6244
15M14Jeff Chandler 0:51:32.1+9:25.414'935
16M15Duff Gibson 0:52:30.6+10:23.914'1047
17M16Jeff Fink 0:52:39.1+10:32.414'1145
18F2Shannon Bell 0:53:45.9+11:39.2F12'6144
19M17Ali Birtwell0:54:25.4+12:18.712'6326
20M18Ryan Knysh0:54:31.7+12:25.012'6426
21M19Sacha Levandusky 0:54:46.7+12:40.014'1233
22M20Howard Kruschke0:55:20.5+13:13.814'1351
23M21David Hazenboom 0:56:35.9+14:29.214'1440
24M22Nick Mcdonald 0:56:45.5+14:38.814'1524
25F3Leanne Stanley0:57:18.2+15:11.5F14'232
26M23Barry O'donohoe 0:58:49.0+16:42.314'1649
27M24John Brisco1:00:05.9+17:59.214' Masters467
28M25Andrew Robinson 1:00:10.0+18:03.314'1726
29M26Jason Lexa1:00:12.6+18:05.914'1838
30M27Harry Saini 1:00:23.6+18:16.914'19
31M28Ian Mckerlich1:00:25.3+18:18.614'2048
32M29Chris Hellesoe1:00:52.8+18:46.114'2135
33M30Liam Cursley1:00:57.1+18:50.412'6514
34M31Andrew Macrae 1:00:59.7+18:53.014'2241
35M32Michael Von Hahn 1:01:57.5+19:50.814' Masters560
36M33Richard Cleland 1:02:16.4+20:09.714'2340
37M34Todd Horn 1:02:39.2+20:32.514'2432
38M35Mike Grant 1:03:25.8+21:19.112'6636
39M36Troy Kaltiainen1:03:30.5+21:23.812'6737
40M37Scott Burton1:03:41.7+21:35.014'2537
41F4Debbie Chadwick1:03:45.4+21:38.7F14'347
42M38David Jianu 1:03:51.6+21:44.912'6848
43M39Andrew Dye 1:04:26.0+22:19.312'6935
44M40Brian Raymer 1:04:56.4+22:49.714' Masters657
45M41Nick Wideman 1:05:23.5+23:16.812'61017
46F5Catherine Bruhwiler 1:05:43.5+23:36.8F12'6237
47M42Chris Chaster1:06:20.6+24:13.912'61145
48M43Al Saunders1:06:25.0+24:18.314'2654
49M44Ian Chadwick 1:06:43.5+24:36.814' Masters761
50F6Lysanne Lavigne 1:07:25.6+25:18.9F14'430
51M45Brian Miller 1:08:08.0+26:01.312'61239
52M46Hopper Primo 1:09:21.3+27:14.614'2744
53M47Matt Knysh1:09:43.7+27:37.012'61322
54M48Glen Woodruff1:10:05.0+27:58.314' Masters853
55M49Kim Dolezsar1:10:26.1+28:19.414' Masters958
56M50Mark Haccou1:10:30.2+28:23.512'61437
57M51Dan Anderson 1:10:41.0+28:34.314' Masters1053
58M52Jeremy Poettcker 1:10:57.5+28:50.814'2842
59F7Gulia Capelli 1:10:58.1+28:51.4F14'549
60M53Stefan Idzan 1:13:10.8+31:04.112'61536
61F8Jennifer Lawson1:13:21.0+31:14.3F12'6332
62M54Michael Jodoin1:13:26.5+31:19.812'61642
63M55Kevin Korol 1:14:14.8+32:08.114'2949
64M56Eli Fischbuch1:14:32.3+32:25.612'61715
65M57Mark Corbett1:14:45.9+32:39.212'61834
66F9Jenny Poppit 1:14:52.8+32:46.1F14'635
67M58Bob Purdy 1:15:14.8+33:08.114' Masters1160
68M59Brock Shabada1:15:47.3+33:40.612'61923
69M60Laurens Campbell 1:15:48.8+33:42.112'62048
70F10Catherine Salinas 1:16:42.4+34:35.7F14'741
71M61Neal Gregory1:17:55.7+35:49.014'3040
72M62Scott Linttell 1:19:40.3+37:33.612'62148
73M63Alistair Wardlaw1:22:17.4+40:10.714' Masters1252
74M64Jim Cookson1:22:23.6+40:16.912'62252
75F11Christina St-Amour 1:25:19.4+43:12.7F12'6435
76F12Mary Lou Brisco 1:26:30.9+44:24.2F14' Masters156
77F13Heide Saunders1:28:25.9+46:19.2F Surfboard1352
78F14Amanda Lounsbury 1:28:48.8+46:42.1F12'6534
79F15Dorine Berube1:28:51.2+46:44.5F12'6648
80F16Rhona Lotnick 1:31:08.8+49:02.1F14'844
81F17Suzanne Foster1:31:40.0+49:33.3F12'6749
82F18Mia Wheatley-Maltais 1:32:01.7+49:55.0F12'6812
83F19Leah Podollan 1:33:04.8+50:58.1F12'6941
84F20Lynn Chaulk 1:35:10.8+53:04.1F12'61044
85M65Ross Mckerlich 1:36:54.2+54:47.512'62346
86F21Chantelle Kshyk 1:36:58.3+54:51.6F12'61128
87M66James Matzke 1:39:35.0+57:28.3Surfboard138
88F22Virginia Sellars1:40:04.4+57:57.7F12'61240
89M67Jim Mcewan1:45:57.2+1:03:50.512'62455
90F23Maureen Mcewan1:45:57.2+1:03:50.5F12'61347
91F24Vanessa Fischbuch1:47:03.0+1:04:56.3F Surfboard1450
92F25Christiel Benjaminsen 1:47:57.2+1:05:50.5F12'614
93F26Tiffany Matzke 1:49:38.3+1:07:31.6F Surfboard1529
94M68Tom KonopskiSpookmak 1:50:29.1+1:08:22.412'62561
95M69David Swirp 1:53:08.5+1:11:01.8Surfboard239
96F27Sharon Inkpen 2:01:30.2+1:19:23.5F12'61531
97F28Susie Inkpen2:01:30.2+1:19:23.5F12'61631
98M70Hans Danielsson2:02:20.6+1:20:13.912'62644
99F29Robyn Danielsson2:02:20.6+1:20:13.9F12'61742
100F30Krista King 2:07:46.2+1:25:39.5F12'61839
101F31Kelly Imada 2:08:11.0+1:26:04.3F Surfboard1635
102F32Megan Hattori 2:08:56.0+1:26:49.3F Surfboard1733
103F33Lise Maltais 2:22:59.5+1:40:52.8F Surfboard1850
104F34Amanda Ulmer 2:26:28.3+1:44:21.6F Surfboard1938