April 9, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Seaside Slide Stand Up Paddle Race

Results from the 7 mile Stand Up Paddle race at the 2012 Seaside Slide, held at Encinitas, California on Saturday.

The Gladiator, Thomas Maximus, came away with the overall win after a sprint to the line with Chuck Glynn.

Meanwhile EJ Johnson took out the battle of the 14’s, Dane Morrisey won the stock class, and Kristin Thomas was the first woman over the line.

Also check out the race review from Thomas Maximus over on the official Riviera Paddlesurf blog.


2012 Seaside Slide SUP RESULTS

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M/F#NameTimeClassClass #
M1Thomas MAXIMUS1:01:29Unlim1
M2Chuck GLYNN1:01:32Unlim2
M3Scott SHOEMAKER1:04:46Unlim3
M4EJ JOHNSON1:08:4414'1
M5Brendan LIGHT1:10:1914'2
M6Nevvar HICKMET1:10:5814'3
M7Dane MORRISEY1:11:0412'6"1
M8Brian SZYMANSKI1:11:2514'4
M9Mark FIELD1:12:1612'62
M10Jason FIELD1:13:3714'5
M11John ENNIS1:13:5714'6
M12Water FERGUSON1:14:0214'7
M13Denis POROY1:14:2112'6"3
M14Brian KANE1:15:0012'64
M15Martie WELLS1:15:1514'8
M16Shawn SHAMLN1:15:4214'9
M17Wayne BUCKINGHAM1:16:0914'10
M18Fernando STALLA1:16:4012'65
M19Rick RAHJO1:17:0214'11
M20Mike MAURI1:17:13Unlim4
F22Kristin THOMAS1:19:13Women's1
M23Sean MCHUGH1:19:4714'12
M24Jeff WARNER1:21:0812'67
M25Paul PARIZEAU1:22:1012'68
M26Colin EEBERLY1:22:5814'13
F27Kerstin OVELLET1:23:49Women's2
F28Terri PLUNKET1:23:52Women's3
M29Dave DAUM1:26:4214'14
M30Gary PETERSON1:28:3014'15
F31Jolene THOMPSON1:34:50Women's4
M32Brian STEVENS1:44:3512'69
M33Tom TOPLE1:50:4314'16
M34Steve CHRAPCHYNSKI1:51:2714'17