August 19, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Aussie SUP Titles

The 2012 Australian SUP Titles have just wrapped up at Port Macquarie, New South Wales. Yesterday saw the 20km “Marathon Race” downwinder, while today (Monday) was the Battle of the Paddle-style “Technical Course Race”.

Tqualify through the various State Titles to even make it to the start line.

JUMP TO RESULTS: Marathon Race (Day 1) | Technical Course Race (Day 2)

Beau O’Brian, Kelly MargettsAngie Jackson and Karla Gilbert were the big winners; each taking out a victory in the Open divisions and pencilling themselves in for a trip to Peru for the ISA World Champs next February. Dave Kissane was also on fire, grabbing 2nd overall in the Marathon race even though he’s part of the “Over 40’s” crowd.

Beau had this to say after his win in the Marathon Race:

It was pretty good out there, to start off with the nerves got me a little bit because it’s a pretty tough field, a couple of times I fell off.

It took me a bit to get back up there, but once I was with the boys I tried to get as far in front as I could, because I knew those boys could run, and I’m not a runner. Once I broke away I thought yeah go for it and get a good time and see what I can do.

At the end of the day we are all mates out there, we are not trying to smash each other, it’s push the younger fellas along and egg each other on.”

Here’s Kelly Margetts’ reaction after his 2nd in yesterday’s Marathon (he backed it up with victory in today’s race):

We’ll have a full race recap tomorrow, but in the meantime scroll down past the pics for the full results from the 2012 Aussie SUP Titles.

Start of the Marathon SUP Race (a 20km downwinder) // pic © Kim Magee

Beau O’Brian // pic © Kim Magee

Women’s Champion Angie Jackson // pic © Kim Magee

National Champs (Marathon Race): Beau O’Brian and Angie Jackson // pic by Paul Jackson


2012 Australian SUP Titles: Marathon SUP Race

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Overall #NameTimeDivisionDiv #
1Beau O'’BRIAN1:38:11Men (Open)1
2Dave KISSANE1:40:04Men (Over 40)1
3Kelly MARGETTS1:41:24Men (Open)2
4Lincoln DEWS1:41:31Men (Open)3
5Sam PARKER1:43:16Men (Open)4
6Jake JENSEN1:46:30Men (Open)5
7Troy PEASE1:47:22Men (Open)6
8Paul JONES1:48:08Men (Open)7
9Marcus TARDREW1:54:43Men (Open)8
10Andy DAVIES1:56:56Men (Open)9
11Dale CHAPMAN1:57:31Men (Over 40)2
12Luke FRENCH1:58:07Men (Open)10
13Cam MCKAY1:58:08Men (Open)11
14Ryan KECK1:58:44Men (Open)12
15Alain TEURQUETIL1:59:53Men (Over 40)3
16Matt STRINGER2:00:58Men (Open)13
17Angela JACKSON2:03:26Women1
18Cam HOSKING2:05:03Men (Over 40)4
19Steve WALKER2:05:16Men (Open)14
20Rodger GOODWIN2:05:35Men (Over 40)5
21Dylan MAGEE2:05:39Men (Open)15
22Alison FULLAGAR2:06:41Women2
23Kai BATES2:07:41Men (Open)16
24Nat GOHL2:08:40Men (Over 40)6
25Terrene BLACK2:09:22Women3
26Scotty MAC2:11:42Men (Over 40)7
27Michelle ENGLAND2:12:13Women4
28Ben CHALMERS2:13:51Men (Open)17
29Karla GILBERT2:15:17Women5
30Molly WALKER2:25:43Women6
31Heath MELDRUM2:26:48Men (Open)18
32Jack BLEACH2:27:05Men (Open)19
33Jean RINGROSE2:29:15Women7
34Jacqui HOCKADAY2:34:14Women8
35Mike GALVIN2:36:17Men (Over 40)8
36Andrew EDHOUSE2:42:12Men (Over 40)9
37Liz GUILHAUS2:51:57Women9
38Mark WOELDERS2:57:00Men (Over 40)10

2012 Australian SUP Titles: Technical Course SUP Race

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UPDATE: There was a 3 minutes 10 seconds start delay for the Women and Over 40’s. The finishing times below have been adjusted (so these are the actual race times).

Overall #NameTimeDivisionDiv #
1Kelly MARGETTS0:33:45Men (Open)1
2Lincoln DEWS0:35:20Men (Open)2
3Jake JENSEN0:35:54Men (Open)3
4Dylan MAGEE0:36:32Men (Open)4
5Troy PEASE0:36:52Men (Open)5
6Beau O'BRIAN0:37:03Men (Open)6
7Peter DORRIES0:37:25Men (Over 40)1
8David KISSANE0:38:05Men (Over 40)2
9Paul JONES0:38:18Men (Open)7
10Dale CHAPMAN0:41:03Men (Over 40)3
11Steve WALKER0:41:17Men (Open)8
12Andy DAVIES0:41:59Men (Open)9
13Peter MYER0:42:55Men (Open)10
14Ryan KECK0:43:03Men (Open)11
15Karla GILBERT0:43:23Women1
16Anglea JACKSON0:43:46Women2
17Kai BATES0:43:58Men (Open)12
18Ben CHALMERS0:44:43Men (Open)13
19Alain TEURQUETIL0:44:51Men (Over 40)4
20John CHRISTENSEN0:44:58Men (Over 40)5
21Noel GRAHAM0:45:05Men (Over 40)6
22Cameron MCKAY0:45:08Men (Open)14
23Marcus TARDREW0:45:25Men (Open)15
24Luke FRENCH0:45:34Men (Open)16
25Michael STOKES0:45:34Men (Over 40)7
26Rodger GOODWIN0:45:41Men (Over 40)8
27Heath MELDRUM0:45:54Men (Open)17
28Sondra PURSER0:46:20Women3
29Nat GOHL0:46:27Men (Over 40)9
30Michael JENKINS0:47:12Men (Over 40)11
31Terrene BLACK0:47:36Women4
32Rodger SAUNDERS0:47:44Men (Open)18
33Scotty MAC0:48:02Men (Over 40)10
34Molly WALKER0:49:05Women5
35Alison FULLAGAR0:49:49Women6
36Dean ELCOAT0:50:09Men (Open)19
37Michelle ENGLAND0:53:44Women7
38Jack BLEACH0:54:46Men (Open)20
39Justin ORMOND0:56:04Men (Open)21