September 13, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Battle Of The Paddle 2009, The Year Australia Dominated Dana Point (Full Results + Video)

Battle of the Paddle

There are just 15 days and counting ’til the 2013 Battle of the Paddle…

We continue our countdown to the BOP by looking back at the history of this iconic event. We’ve already taken a trip down memory lane with Chuck “The Terminator” Patterson’s win @ the 2008 Battle of the Paddle and now we skip forward twelve months to 2009, when the famous “M-shape” Elite Race course was introduced for the first time and a couple of Aussies took the locals by storm.

In a year when SUP race board designs were only just starting to be refined, Andrew Logreco led for much of the Elite Race on a custom creation that looked more surfboard/longboard than any kind of modern racing shape. But despite the enigmatic Oahu boy’s heroics early on, in the end it was Jamie Mitchell who took the win and the $10,000 winner’s cheque, while a 14-year-old Slater Trout made a name for himself by claiming second (ahead of a certain someone making their SUP racing debut: Danny Ching).

Meanwhile it was another Aussie who won the women’s Elite Race race, with Shakira Westdorp blitzing the course and beating out local girls such as Candice Appleby and Brandi Baksic to take a memorable victory.

The 2009 Battle of the Paddle was also memorable for the consistent waves that rolled through Doheny State Beach during the race, providing plenty of carnage as the videos below clearly show. This race was only 48 months ago but paddlers’ ability to surf waves on race boards has come a long way since then, so back in 2009 it seems there was even more chaos than usual…

Here are some highlights of the race (scroll down past the vids for the full results).

And here’s great clip of the lead six guys getting axed as they surf towards the Hammer Buoy


2009 Battle of the Paddle RESULTS

Click “M/F” to switch between Men’s and Women’s Results

#M/FM/F #NameTime
1M1Jamie Mitchell1:07:45
2M2Slater Trout1:09:35
3M3Danny Ching1:10:26
4M4James Billy Watson1:11:20
5M5Chuck Patterson1:11:34
6M6Aaron Napoleon1:11:48
7M7Tom Lloy1:12:17
8M8Bryce Saeman1:12:41
9M9Ekolu Kalama1:12:49
10M10Colin Mcphillips1:12:50
11M11Kainoa Beaupre1:12:53
12M12Thomas A Gallagher1:13:12
13M13Tj Saeman1:13:51
14M14Carl Cambilargiu1:13:55
15M15Scott Gamble1:14:16
16M16Adrian Garcia1:14:18
17M17Will Reichenstein1:14:23
18M18Byron Kurt1:14:27
19M19Connor Baxter1:14:30
20M20Andrew Logreco1:14:34
21M21Mitch Kahn1:14:50
22M22Jerry Bess1:14:51
23M23Robert Rojas1:15:16
24M24Robert Stehlik1:15:17
25F1Shakira Westdorp1:16:00
26M25Eric Terrien1:17:28
27M26Dan Gavere1:17:48
28M27Michi Schweiger1:17:50
29M28Rob Pelkey1:17:53
30M29Kyle Mochizuki1:18:10
31M30Matt Becker1:18:15
32M31Jared Vargas1:18:28
33M32John Hibbard1:18:58
34M33Hayden Lane1:18:59
35M34Tyron Packet Casey1:19:00
36M35Noah Shimabukuro1:19:03
37M36Jay Wild1:19:16
38M37Eric Starnes1:19:16
39M38Jeff Silva1:19:18
40M39Eric Abbott1:19:19
41M40Thibert Lussia1:19:21
42M41Mike Murphy1:19:22
43M42Brandon Denos1:19:23
44M43Brandon Rambo1:19:37
45M44Zane Schweitzer1:19:39
46M45Kalani Vierra1:20:01
47M46Lance Erickson1:20:01
48M47Jimmy Terrell1:20:05
49M48Brian Szymanski1:20:25
50F2Candice Appleby1:20:28
51F3Brandi Baksic1:21:14
52M49Ernie Johnson1:21:33
53M50John Becker1:21:54
54M51Odie Sumi1:21:59
55M52Brad Rambo1:22:00
56M53Mark Raaphorst1:22:07
57M54Neal Drinkward1:22:10
58M55Mario Melendez1:22:55
59M56Sean Campbell1:23:03
60F4Andrea Moller1:24:11
61F5Jennifer Kalmbach1:24:13
62F6Morgan Hoesterey1:24:58
63F7Darian Boyle1:24:58
64F8Talia Gangini1:25:06
65M57Robby Ellingson1:25:27
66M58John Griffith1:25:28
67M59Jay Butki1:25:30
68M60Thomas Maximus1:25:41
69M61Tony Mueller1:26:53
70M62Simon Russell1:27:13
71M63Rafael Cruet1:27:30
72M64Scott Sanchez1:27:40
73M65Robert Howson Jr.1:27:42
74M66Ron Ayres1:28:40
75M67Stuart Robinson1:28:43
76F9Karen Wrenn1:28:46
77M68Wally Emory1:28:48
78M69Kevin Shaughnessy1:30:06
79M70Brian Fernandez1:30:20
80F10Kelly Stevens1:31:28
81F11Christina Powers1:31:29
82M71Gene Smith1:31:47
83M72Michael Didomenico1:31:50
84M73Clayton Wright1:31:50
85M74Abel Catheline1:32:32
86M75Rich Schroder1:33:16
87F12Bridgett Saeman1:33:28
88F13Helga Goebel1:34:39
89F14Jocelyn Kempe1:38:47
90M76Mace Camhe1:38:59
91M77Chris Koerner1:39:04
92F15Jen Holcomb1:39:15
93F16Lel Tone1:39:24
94F17Rebecca Jakeway1:44:49
95F18Honora Kalama1:45:31
96F19Jodie Nelson1:46:26
97F20Anik Wild1:47:07