September 7, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

DONE. The SUP 11 City Tour Is Finished – Get The Full Results, Pics And Recap From This Crazy / Painful / Awesome Race

SUP 11 City Tour 2014

The 2014 SUP 11 City Tour is DONE. And what a crazy adventure it was. Congratulations to Bart de Zwart for reclaiming your crown and showing you’re still the king of endurance paddling. That was a truly inspiring performance and one that I was stoked to see first hand.

Fighting performance from the ever-smiling Peter Bartl, however as much as he tried, the defending champ just couldn’t shake Bart. Great effort by Martjin van Deth as well, who hung on for just about every one of the 200kms, despite the crazy pace that Bart and Bartl were going along at.

Also special mention to Arnaud Frennet from Chile, who won the Non Stop Tour division in a ridiculously fast time of 26 hours, 20 minutes. There were 10 competitors who literally paddled the entire course non-stop. And I thought the five day race was hard.

Great effort from Janneke Smits in the women’s division, taking all five stage wins to claim her maiden 11 cities title.

Thanks to Mistral SUP for the support to make this voyage happen. Awesome job by Steve West and wife Mandy (as well as @thegirlfromsupanema) for following me every day, taking great pics and cheering loudly from the bridges when I was struggling to hang on.

Thank you also to the organisers and volunteers that pulled off this amazing event. I’m not exactly sure why, but right now I can’t wait to come back and do it all again next year…

Scroll further down to relive the week-long live blog, including daily recaps and photo highlights. Here are the results from the competition divisions (apologies to the 70 odd paddlers in the non-competition divisions, don’t have your times yet).

2014 SUP 11 City Tour – Solo Men

#NameStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Total
1Bart de Zwart4:45:285:02:434:40:514:43:492:53:4822:06:39
2Peter Bartl4:45:315:02:424:41:014:43:592:53:5522:07:08
3Martijn van Deth4:46:175:02:554:41:364:43:512:56:4322:11:22
4Franck Fifils5:00:335:11:554:49:114:48:562:59:3322:50:08
5Alex Matero5:09:065:12:004:49:334:48:582:59:4522:59:22
6Dirk Bickert5:07:345:13:064:51:054:49:072:59:3223:00:24
7Andre Le Geyt5:10:135:12:064:50:364:49:042:59:4223:01:41
8Miguel Martorell5:04:085:13:044:54:314:51:343:00:4323:04:00
9Andreas Svensson5:21:315:23:444:56:084:49:362:59:3823:30:37
10Michael Brauch5:19:475:26:154:56:234:51:402:59:5123:33:56
11Jay Haysey5:11:595:26:014:56:275:00:553:01:3023:36:52
12Dirk-Jan Coljee5:16:365:26:074:56:464:53:333:05:0423:38:06
13Pascal Bleys5:16:155:26:034:56:345:01:153:00:5223:40:59
14Jochum Steur5:14:395:26:094:57:225:01:013:05:0523:44:16
15Christopher Parker5:21:175:35:464:56:254:51:483:00:5723:46:13
16Guillaume Delesalle5:32:205:35:145:04:215:01:213:12:2924:25:45
17Albert Grossgruth5:33:215:36:445:06:075:05:403:12:2924:34:21
18Frank Hettinga5:38:015:40:265:11:315:12:273:17:1924:59:44
19Marnix van der Boom5:51:235:40:375:06:075:09:483:15:0625:04:01
20Bertrand PInon5:36:246:00:155:11:335:05:433:10:0925:04:04
21Reinder IJmker5:51:235:52:185:12:585:10:283:15:0625:22:13
22Christian Moutsakos6:03:345:50:165:06:105:09:513:13:2925:23:20
23Arend Venema5:36:255:37:085:11:335:37:213:27:3125:29:58
24Frank Rosin5:43:326:00:155:26:475:12:453:16:3425:39:53
25Jan-Willem van Stuijvenberg5:38:365:54:065:29:045:22:083:20:0025:43:54
26Ruurd van Wieren5:49:086:04:055:36:375:24:363:30:5426:25:20
27Bas Brouwer6:24:416:04:055:36:345:31:203:30:5727:07:37
28Jörg Bossack6:35:216:22:585:43:105:31:593:31:0527:44:33
29Martin Luitwieler6:21:496:19:535:50:055:49:143:40:4528:01:46
30Russell Whittall6:33:146:18:555:49:475:55:533:31:1128:09:00
31Evgeniy Rezontov6:56:317:07:356:11:215:48:143:27:2929:31:10

2014 SUP 11 City Tour – Solo Women

#NameStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Total
1Janneke Smits5:33:205:36:445:06:075:05:403:17:0024:38:51
2Joanne Hamilton-Vale5:39:135:40:455:13:045:12:403:17:2525:03:07
3Maya Persson6:13:226:04:055:31:145:12:413:17:2226:18:44
4Morene Dekker5:55:036:04:055:36:345:24:413:20:0426:20:27

2014 SUP 11 City Tour – Non Stop Tour

1st: Arnaud Frennet (26:20:31)
2nd: Ike Frans (27:07:13)
3rd: Richard Gratzei (28:31:54)
4th: Mark Slater (29:29:49)
5th: Mike Kranenburg (30:36:27)
6th: Erik Bruining (32:16:04)
7th: Jeroen Labots (32:16:04)
8th: Barry Douma (32:30:01)
DNF: Wolfgang Leeb
DNF: Emiel Halma
DNF: Jose van Egmond
DNF: Marije Elgersma

SUP 11 City Tour by Mistral